Men’s Fashion Trend | 2017-18

In most discussions of fashion trends, men typically get overlooked within the cold (or, during this case, go in the summer heat). the actual fact is, there are every kind of fascinating trends happening in men’s fashion for summer 2017-18, from hot colours and patterns to innovative accessories. (Get prepared for a brand new take on the new fashion trends on 2017-18)



This summer, men’s fashion trends are heading toward pastels. reminiscent of the 80s, once “preppy” was in, 2017-18’s pastels are appearance on suits, jackets, and even shorts. men’s garments are moving removed from traditional neutrals and into color. as a result of it’s reasonably new territory (at least for the younger generation), pastels square measure the hue of option to “ease” into the planet of color. Pastels will even be earthy and muted; they are doing not need to be bright, candy-like shades. thus for men who are slightly uncomfortable with the colourful bit will begin with refined reminder light blue and lavender that have a grey undertone.

Blue appears to be dominating the scene men’s fashion this summer, pastel and otherwise. Designers have enclosed plenty of blue in their fashions this summer, and blue may be a versatile color. Blue are often accustomed gift appearance as varied as transportation, military, preppy, classy, dressy, and carefree. it’s even comfy for a few men who shun an excessive amount of color.



Patterns are taking one or two of methods this year. On the one hand, time-honored camouflage is obtaining an interesting new look; on the opposite hand, colourful patterns like cloth and floral are splashing across menswear in 2017-18.

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Get ready for a new twist on the neck tie in 2017-18. This classic men’s accessory is not the tight, neatly-tied adornment it used to be – this year, it’s taken on a looser, more creative, even more fun look. Today’s neck tie can be long or short, and crosses over into scarf territory. This summer, almost any strip of fabric a guy likes can be tied around his neck – from short bandanas to a silk scarf – for a trendy-yet-personalized look this summer.