Best River Rafting Destinations In India

Delightfully, India is among the best places for rafting, thanks to countless rivers lying in the north, south, east and west as well.



Rishikesh is among the best places for river rafting, worth visiting during Sept to June.


Alaknanda River

River Alaknanda is the second largest tributary of River Ganga and is renowned among rafting enthusiasts for its most technical and challenging rapids than anyplace else.


Rafting on Tons River, Uttarakhand – The biggest tributary of River Yamuna:

Tons is among the best river rafting destinations in India. Bhagirathi River RaftingRide through quaint villages, deep gorges and sugar kissed beaches along 150 km stretch of Bhagirathi River, probably the most famous white water rafting destinations in India.

The optimum time for rafting is between October and May.


Kundalika River Rafting:

KoladSouth of the mighty Himalayas, Kundalika is among the fastest rivers that make it a fantastic rafting destination. The rafting expedition comprises Grade 2 to 4 rapids, after which the river becomes extremely turbulent.

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Teesta Rafting River in Darjeeling and Sikkim –

The beautiful and tumultuous Teesta River flows through Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim hill region, and continues to be rated Grade 4 because of its plethora of rapids and whirlpools of varying intensity. The rugged river Ranjit is a tributary of Teesta and provides a challenging holiday experience using its multi dimensional and ferocious rapids.


Rafting in OrchhaFor newbies and adventures fans, Betwa River in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, promises a truly memorable experience.

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